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Our professional organization can manage the whole chain from product concept to final assembly (spec evaluation, design study, board design, prototyping, testing, final production and after-sale support) providing a well assessed work methodology, customer support, program management and fast response for customers needs.

In the last years we approached the digital printing market developing a new generation solutions for the following platforms:

ARIZONA and FUJI ACUITY: we developed and released the world first disposable solution for all Ocè Arizona and Fuji Acuity machines based on the RFID technology

ROLAND and MIMAKI: we can provide both blank and programmed chips. Moreover we developed a Windows based programming solution for the chip programming that can be integrated in your supply chain or production. As hardware manufacturer (no reselling), we can provide the most competitive and efficient business offer

SEIKO and HP: We developed an innovative next-generation solution for programming SII/HP chips (Seiko 64s and HP9000) able to track codes by customer/printed. The programming solution can be easily integrated in your supply chain

MUTOH: We developed an innovative next-generation solution (working even on the latest printer FW versions) for programming Mutoh smartcards

VUTEK: We can provide a device for the Vutek RFID system bypass

We are available to support your business with custom solution that can fit your specific need and improve your supply chain and logistics processes

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